About the Balls...

She's Got Balls is a completely gluten-free and vegan small batch kitchen focused on providing yummy treats and snacks made with Organic and NON-GMO 

ingredients.  We do our best to source local, seasonal and Organic/Non-GMO for every ingredient we use.


What this means to you.... All Essential Ingredients are Always Organic!!!   

It's simple... We eat this way.  We feed our families this way.  Why would we do anything less for our customers??!

Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut
Peanut Butter Crack
Got Balls?
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grab n go
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Chocolate Lavendar Crack
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First Balls Ever - 2013
vegan kona mocha mousse pie
Coconut Crave Bars
Quinoa Lentil Salad
Chocolate Chip Banana
Coconut Crave (aka Coconut Crack)
Daily Menu
Got Balls Tank
Flatbreads and Fruit Snacks
Coconut Crave Gift Packs
Quinoa Grab N Go
Try a Free Sample of Anything
Lemon "Cookie Dough"!
Coco Mocha Go Balls
Nuts for Her Balls T
Lemon Cookie Dough Balls
Flatbreads and Fruit Snacks2
Apple Cinna Butter Balls
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Coconut Crave (Babies)

Most popular for our balls (and nuts), we also serve a variety of appetites from the toddler who just wants to suck on the (2 ingredient) Blueberry Fig jerky, to the person with a sweet tooth who can't get enough of our Coconut Crave treats (also known as Coconut Crack).  


Some events we do are full menu events (soups, salads, hummus, pies) while others are limited to the basics snacks and sweets.  Whatever you eat, we know you'll walk away thinking this #tastestoogoodtobehealthy!  We're convinced this is why #everyonelovesaladywithballs!

On occasion... if we want to offer a new flavor or add a spice, we may have trouble finding organics locally... The good news is when these small batch recipes become successful, it becomes more practical for us to source and purchase a larger lot of the ingredient and organics become more fully incorporated!  

For specifics on each product, see the label, the nutritional board, or ask one of our ballers to answer your question!